I Thought This Had Been Stolen And Then I Received A Letter That Said....

“I Made £29,000 From £400 In Four Months!”

M Laverick


 This is a short message, but one you’ll want to read to the end if you’re on the lookout for a lazy way to banish recession worries and secure a massive tax free cash windfall every month. 

Here’s What It’s All About…

Back in 1995 (Yes we’ve been around for a long time!) I received a ‘mystery’ package through the post. Now bear in mind that this was  pre-internet days, so everything arrived by post – and we received a lot of packages. But there was something different about this one…

Because There Was No Clue As To Who Had Sent It.

I remember opening the envelope now. It was a plain A4 manila one, with my name and company address written on the outside in ink. Inside was a corner stapled wad of papers – a bit dog, eared to be honest – and across the top in old fashioned typewriter script were the words… 

"System 89P"

Underneath this wad of papers, was a handwritten letter. “I’ve been working on this for the past 3 years,” it said. Try it out and see what you think. I’ll be back in touch in 6 weeks time.” It was simply signed, Tony. No surname. No address. 

  I was intrigued, but when I started to read through the wad of papers my heart sank. It was all about horse racing. Yes, this was a betting system, and I wasn’t happy! 

 You see, back in 1995 we didn’t publish or market anything to do with betting or gambling. I thought it was a mug’s game with only one winner – the bookmakers. But there was something about this tatty pile of papers that piqued my interest. Maybe it was the mystery of it all, or maybe it was the fact that it was obvious that whoever ‘Tony’ was, he knew his stuff…but whatever it was I wanted to find out more. 

 I asked one of our staff to ‘dry test’ the system over the next few weeks. It wasn’t difficult for them to do. To be totally frank with you, the system is very quick and simple to implement. It takes about 4 minutes a day on average. There’s nothing complicated about it, and that worried me at first, because I figured that if you were going to beat the bookies, you’d have to do something pretty clever. 

 Anyway, I set all concerns aside…there was nothing to lose after all…and asked Nicky to simply follow the system to the letter. I chose her because she knew absolutely nothing about horse racing or gambling and wouldn’t be tempted to second guess the system. I also figured (perhaps a little unkindly) that if she could follow the system and profit from it, anyone could! 

 Over the next 4 weeks, she followed the simple step by step instructions which Tony had laid out to the letter and keep a detailed record of bets placed, wins and losses. When the month was up, she walked into my office with the result. I skipped over the names of horses and race courses I knew nothing about to the bottom line where I found the following…

Profit £962.50

 I was pretty excited by this – it was the first gambling system I’d found that worked – and anxiously waited for ‘Tony’ to get back in touch. In the meantime, I decided to do a live test of the system over the next 4 weeks, and that came back even better – over £1,300 profit. But real money this time! 

  By now, I’d decided that this would be our first gambling related product, but there was a problem. No Tony!  We waited for several months, but the guy never got back in touch. Never heard from him again. And so we had a bit of a dilemma. 

  On the one hand, we had a gambling system that worked fantastically well, but on the other, we didn’t know who had created it.  Had he died, lost interest, forgotten about it?  We had no idea, but we didn’t feel able to do anything with it for a while . But then after about 18 months, we decided that this was a waste – that we had customers who could benefit massively from it. 

  And so we decided to give it away – as a thank you to a handful of our best customers – people who had already spent a great deal of money with us in the past and who we wanted to thank in a tangible way. 

Within Weeks, It Was Them Who Were Thanking Us….

The System 89P is producing amazing results at the moment.”

– Mr K Kane

 “Anyone wondering whether to give the system a try should do so immediately. I have been using the system since you sent it to me and the results are as follows…won 15/8, won 10/3, won 5/1, 2nd 7/1, won 4/1, won 15/2. Absolutely brilliant…who the hell needs a job.”  

– Mr S Lloyd

I found your horse racing system to be profitable. I had 3 wins from 4 bets at 7/2, 9/2 and 7/4. Many thanks

– Mr E Bearne 

“Thank you for the racing system. I had never bet on a horse in my life. I had to ask someone in the betting shop how to write the betting slips. I have profited so far by £340 over the last 6 weeks.”   

– Mr P Stapels 

In short, the system was a stunning success, generating thousands of pounds for the handful of people we shared it with. But – and here’s what’s strange – despite all this success, we never marketed it to either our customers or the general public. It somehow didn’t seem right while ‘Tony’ was still on the missing list.

He never did turn up, and his  system never saw the full light of day. We moved on to other things, and to be honest, I’d forgotten all about it, until in early January 2009, I received a letter from an old customer. Here’s what he said…

Many years ago, sometime in the 1990’s, I subscribed to your business magazine and found success with a horse racing system you sent me called System 89P where I made £29,000 from £400 in four months. Would you send me a photocopy of the system as I’ve lost mine.”

Wow….£29,000 In 4 Months!

Suddenly the memory of the fantastic success we’d had with ‘System 89P’ came flooding back. But the excitement was short-lived, because I realised that before we moved from the offices we were working from in the mid 1990’s, we’d had some computers stolen in a break-in… 

They Weren’t Backed-Up And System 89P Was On One Of Them!

The only hope was if we’d kept a hard copy of the system somewhere. Now we have over 5,000 square feet of offices and warehouse…literally thousands of files and storage boxes. Needles and haystacks spring to mind. But we had to try, and so I gave one of our staff two days to try to find it – if it was there. 

The God’s Were On Our Side…

Within an hour she was back in my office clutching a bunch of rather sorry (but readable) papers, with the words ‘System 89P’ typed boldly across the top. 

 As I re-read the system instructions, I was relieved to find that my memory hadn’t been playing tricks on me. It was child’s play to understand and implement, taking just a few  minutes a day at most. How simple and easy? Well if you can count to ten, and display a little patience (there won’t be a bet very day) then you can do this. It’s a system that relies on statistics for its profit generating power, rather than knowledge of horses, racing or form. 

This Is Very Important…

You don’t need to know anything about horse racing to make money from this. You don’t need to know anything about betting or odds to make money from this. In fact many of the people who have profited from System 89P have never placed a bet in their life before. The truth is that the people who we privately shared the system with back in the mid 1990’s weren’t gamblers at all – they were just ordinary men and women looking to make some extra money from home. 

So Why Am I Writing To You About This Today?

Well, Tony isn’t going to turn up now, and I figured in these difficult economic times, there are probably a lot of ordinary folk who would appreciate a simple but highly effective way to make an easy extra few hundred (or maybe thousand) pounds a month from home. 

 When we first tested and proved the power of ‘System 89P’, it was all a lot harder than it is today. There was no internet back then. If you wanted to place a bet, you had to go to bookmakers – an uninviting  squalid litter strewn, smoke filled hell-hole is what the uninitiated would have found there back then. But today, you don’t have to leave your computer keyboard to place a bet… 

This Really Is Something You Can Do In A Few Minutes From Home By Simply Placing Your Bets Online.

If you’d like to test out this simple system for yourself…the one that generated over £29,000 profit for just one of our customers in the mid 1990’s, completely risk free and without obligation, then read on…

Here’s How To Get Hold Of A Copy Of This Recession Proof, Credit Crunch Busting System And Test Drive It For Yourself…

 I’m planning to release ‘System 89P’ later in the year to the general public. We haven’t finalised the price yet, but it will be high…at least £200. And it will be a steal at the price. Remember, it’s a system you can use straight away to make hundreds (maybe even thousands) of pounds each month – without leaving home, and in just a few minutes a day. Anyone following the system stands to make money.  ‘System 89P’ has never been taught before  (except to a handful of our best customers in the mid 1990’s) and it’s not available anywhere else. 

But I Don't Want You To Pay £200...

 You see you’ve already invested your hard-earned money with us. So I want to reward you for that by more than slashing the price in half for you, leaving just £97 to pay! 

But This Is Very Important...

Please understand that this offer is open to you and you alone. It isn’t open to people who haven’t bought from us before.  It’s not open to your friends or anyone else you know. We’ll be checking all orders against our customer file and if you’re not on the list, you don’t get the deal! 

  Sorry if that seems harsh, but I want our loyal customers to profit from it first. Everyone else can wait – and then pay the higher price! 

And Here's Another Reason Why This Offer Is For You - And You Alone...

A Completely Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!

You can order your copy of ‘System 89P’ on approval. If you decide for any reason whatsoever that the system isn’t right for you, or doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can return it at any time within 30 days for a full refund – no hassles, no questions asked.

With this 30 day pay-nothing-promise, there’s not a single reason why you shouldn’t try this out for yourself.

Now Do You See Why This Offer Isn't Open To The Public?

I’m not worried about any financial ‘bloodbath’ from this Hyper-Generous guarantee though, because I know that ‘System 89P’ is everything I’ve said it is. And I know I can trust you with this because you’re already on our preferred customer list. You’ve earned our trust. Your word is final in this.  Nobody will question your decision. But I’m betting you won’t even think about asking for your money back when you receive the system, and try it for yourself..

To Receive A Copy Of ‘System 89P’ On Approval CLICK HERE Or You Can Call Our Office On 01709 361819

Either way, within the next few days you could be profiting from this ‘lost’ system. 

 I look forward to hearing from you very soon, and dispatching your personal copy of the system manual. I know you’ll be absolutely delighted. 

Very Best Wishes 


 John Harrison

P.S.  Remember as a preferred customer you qualify for a £103 discount on the  ‘general public price’, leaving just £97 to pay…and if you’re not satisfied for any reason  whatsoever – it won’t cost you a penny! 

PPS.  This opportunity is tailor-made for the recession. It will continue to work like clockwork, no matter what the economy is doing!

To Receive A Copy Of ‘System 89P’ On Approval CLICK HERE Or You Can Call Our Office On 01709 361819

Customer Comments*

JUST IN 2016!

“I have been using system 89p, it has taken me to America, Canada and Thailand on holiday for the last three months, fantastic holiday, I will have to start again with 89p and replenish my savings.”

– P Tozer  – Somerset

For the record; I am doing very well with the 89P Racing system purchased from you last year. I started using it in late February and I am showing 65% profit, which amounts to about £850. So thanks for that one!”
– Christopher Day – Email

“I have almost completed my first trial month with the 89p system and I am delighted with the results. I plan to move towards £100 per point very shortly. What a simple but beautifully conceived system. Well done and thank you for making it available. “
– Tom Phipps – Email

“I have grown my starting capital by 40% in 4 months. For anyone with discipline, patience and a decent bank to start with then it is definitely a worthwhile investment based on my experience to date.”
– Andy Carey – Email

“I am going back to ‘System 89p’ where I was making a small profit.”
– Iain Jack – Glasgow

“It is very clearly explained and an excellent introduction.”
– Alan Thompson – Devon

“As a matter of interest, I started using 89p on June 20th (on paper) and after seven days, at £50 per point the system is showing a healthy profit of just over £600. The month was played strictly according to the letter and the system worked. At the end of the month’s trial it was showing a profit of £2,519.00 – This is quite remarkable. The creator of this system was no mean scholar: it is obviously based on a complex system of mathematical probability, but he must have put in months feeding sufficient data into a computer to get it down to the simple form in which it exists… The best bit is that those b……s at H.M. Revenue & Customs can never get their grubby little claws on a penny of it!”
– D.A Wilcocks – Norfolk

Very profitable.
– John C Bateman – Worcester

“I am doing well with 89p system, I am a few grand in profit at the moment.
– Paul Tozer – Somerset

“Just to cheer you up 89P is showing steady profits to my amazement – better than any tipster I have ever found.
– Laurie Lane – Email

“I would also like to tell you that between the 16th February and 21st March I have made £750 profit using £10 per point stakes. Best system that I have used to date by a long way as it imposes discipline on ones betting”
– Michael Moon – Email

“Thank you this works, if yesterday was live I would have won so glad can’t believe how simple this is thank you so much”
– Joseph Williams – Email

*These are extracts from just a few of the many hundreds of unsolicited testimonials received by us. All of the original letters and emails are held on file at our office.

To Receive A Copy Of ‘System 89P’ On Approval CLICK HERE Or You Can Call Our Office On 01709 361819

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